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irfan iskandar's Albums

Pics taken from Irfan's Myspace...

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Maxhafidz photos

All these photos were grabbed from Maxhafidz's Myspace page.
This is The Acab..

Maxhafidz...somewhere in London street..

We(the loyal fans) know that you are happy with what are you doing right now. Congrats!

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Guitar Tab - Bersama Semula

"Written by Anas, both music and lyrics in the tribute to SYJ album. It's about former and present A.C.A.B members & how we really want all of us to get together again although it's impossible. It's a classic, I like the song very much" - Magskin

Guitar tabs....

Guitar Tab - Freedom And Justice

Check out below links. These guitar tabs are quite accurate. Enjoy!

Acab History

A.C.A.B. (1994-2003)

The band was formed by vocalist Megat Hafiz (under the stage name Magskin) and guitarist Edy J. Herwan in Kuala Lumpur in 1994 and was joined by Anas on guitar, Sham on bass and Black on drums. They released a demo a year later and started gigging across Malaysia. In 1996 they released an EP titled Unite & Fight while Anas left the band.

In 1997 they released their debut album which was made out of a combination of the A.C.A.B. demo tape and the United & Fight EP. They gained a wider audience with the ska infused single "Fight For Your Rights". Eastern Oi! was released in the end of 1998 after Edy left. Their popularity increased within the underground scene while the band was associated with Malaysia's skinhead subculture which was receiving negative attention from the press.

They released a live album Live & Loud in 2000 with the band line-up consisting of Megat on guitar and vocals, Anas as bassist and Zul on drums. A.C.A.B. disbanded after playing their last gig in 2003 as Megat pursued his education overseas. Musicians that have played in A.C.A.B. continued their musical careers with their own bands such as Edy with Gerhana Skacinta and Irfan with The Times. They were recognized as The Godfathers of streetpunk and oi! and inspired the birth of ska in Malaysia. A Tribute to A.C.A.B. was recorded by various artists under the Clockwork Records label in 2004 in honour of the band.

The A.C.A.B. (2005-present)

Megat returned home from his studies in the United Kingdom as a reformed skinhead and using the name Max Hafix, he decided to reformed the group with Edy, Irfan and Mono and adding "the" to the band's name as result of Megat's British influence. The band signaled their return with a performance at Rock the World gig in 2005 with a mix of old songs and new material. With music heavily influenced by the British indie rock and post-punk revival scene, The A.C.A.B. released This is The A.C.A.B. in 2006 drawing old as well as new fans to their new direction in music...

Because of lack of supporter around malaysia and singapore they decide to make this band as part time job on funfair and wedding ceremony.They also work at construction company as contract worker.

Current line-up

Former members

  • Black ACAB
  • Sham ACAB
  • Anas ACAB
  • Zul ACAB
  • Botak ACAB


  • A.C.A.B.


  • Unite & Fight


  • A.C.A.B.
  • Eastern Oi!
  • Orang Timur (Tribute to S.Y.J)
  • Skinhead 4 Life
  • Bangun
  • This is The A.C.A.B.

Live albums

  • Live & Loud
  • Live & Loud 2


  • We Are The Skins - The Singles 98
  • Days of Being Wild: 1995-1999
  • No. 1

Videos - THE MODERN WORLD - Live at SALSA HAVANA,Bukit Bintang 17th September '06

The Acab - Setelah

The Acab - Streets of Uptown

The Acab - Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?

Gigs in 2006

Live at KL Jam Asia,2006
The Modern World,2006

Live at Planet Hollywood,2006

The Acab - Introduction

THE A.C.A.B. was originally formed as a Street Rock band, A.C.A.B. ('94-'03) back in 1994. The founding members were Max Hafiz (Megat Hafiz) & Edy J Herwan, both KL City based lads played in the same previous band before. Hardy Sham, Black & Anas later joined and A.C.A.B. started gigging across almost each & every states in Malaysia right after releasing a self-titled demo in '95. A.C.A.B. then recorded an EP, followed by 3 albums with 2 Live albums and also few singles, another EP, compilations & tribute albums with several line up changes occurred during the whole process. Zul, Botak & Irfan were among others who also played with A.C.A.B. on various recordings & gigs/concerts. A.C.A.B. latter enjoyed the recognitions of being the Godfather of Eastern Oi!/Street Rock & inspired the birth of Ska music in Malaysia.

A.C.A.B. played the very last gig in '03 & while Max (also formerly known as Magskin) had to leave the country, other former band members were & still are enjoying quite successful musical careers with their own bands respectively such as Edy J with Gerhana Ska Cinta & Irfan with The Times. A.C.A.B. released the very last album in '04 which was recorded in '03 & a 'Tribute to A.C.A.B.' album was then recorded by various bands in '04 & it marked the end of an era of the 'Absolute Chaotic Asian Band' and it sparked a revival of the Eastern Oi!/Street Rock movement from the new generation.

After being an absentee for 2 years, Max has decided to have another go at it. Accompanied by former band members, Edy J & Irfan with the newly appointed Mono, THE A.C.A.B. is born. It's 'THE' A.C.A.B., or pronounced as D' A.C.A.B. (English anyone?). But this time it's a different agenda altogether. Blistering new sounds of Indie Rock with no limitations or boundaries whatsoever. The whole idea of it is simply for the freedom of expressions & to offer an alternative to the Malaysian music industry specifically & to introduce THE A.C.A.B.'s mixture of Asian & western melodies on independent rock music to the rest of the world, generally.

Band MembersMax Hafiz - Guitars & Vox, Edy J Herwan - Guitars, Mono - Bass, Irfan - Drums
InfluencesThe Strokes, The Libertines, Razorlight, The Ordinary Boys, The Bravery, Kasabian, Babyshambles, Kaiser Chiefs and lots of other new generation indie bands
Sounds LikeThe Bravery meets The Libertines
Record LabelClockwork Records
Type of LabelIndie